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Care guide

All jewelry of Mayford are hand-made from the finest materials and with the highest of quality. Jewelry from Mayford is something the wearer should be able to enjoy for years. All plated pieces are therefore manufactured using the highest precision by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands. The natural gemstones and elements are selected with the greatest care from different parts of the world. Naturally, care must be taken when handling the jewelry. So below we have outlined some instructions for care and handling.


  • The jewelry must be carefully and properly stored. To ensure this make use of the luxury black box of Mayford.
  • Make sure that you protect the jewelry against bumps, chemical, extreme temperatures and sunlight.
  • Do not wear the jewelry when swimming, in a Jacuzzi, sauna/steam bath, during bathing or showering.
  • Products such as chlorine, detergents, oils, body lotions and perfumes can harm the jewelry.
  • Avoid direct contact with corrosive elements such as soap, transpiration, water, extended periods of heat and chemical products in order to protect and maintain the shine of the gemstones, sterling silver and gold longer.
  • To clean the gemstones use cold water, and not soapy water.  Gently rub the surface clean with a soft towel. Do not leave the gemstone in water to soak and never use household cleaning products or chemicals. Beware: If exposed to water, thoroughly dry your jewelry. Moisture can cause  a weakening of the gemstone and elastic.
  • Use a special jewelry cloth for the cleaning of sterling silver and 18kt. gold. Make sure that it’s a soft, non-abrasive, micro pearl cleaning cloth for jewelry. The micro-pearls help to ensure that a deep and long-lasting shine will remain. These polishing cloths are used by the most exclusive jewelers and diamond experts. Make sure that the item that needs cleaning is free from dust  and other abrasive substances such as sand. Rub gently over the surface.