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About Mayford

Mayford is a new brand of jewelry from Amsterdam created by the Dutch twin brothers Daniel and Michel. "Our passion is to provide men with luxury wrist-wear which reflects your personality and emphasizes your identity and great feeling for style". At Mayford we design bracelets incorporating the finest natural gemstones from around the world. The exceptional contemporary design shows off the ultimate refined simplicity for every occasion. We like to call this classy luxury.

Triple A-grade stones

Mayford stands for high quality craftsmanship. The triple A-grade natural gemstones are selected with the utmost care from different areas around the world. Mayford jewelry are handmade in the Netherlands by a small team of people who have an incredible eye for detail. At Mayford we inspect every gemstone by hand to make sure to supply you with the best quality. That's why your bracelet is checked by three different people before it's get shipped. 

Bracelets with a story

Each Mayford is unique and has a story. We put all these elements together on the Mayford Black Card which is provided with every Mayford bracelet. On this Black Card you can find where the stones of your bracelet come from, when it's made by our team and which specific powers it representing such as relaxation or protection. 

Dutch Royal Gold

The uniquely Mayford cylinder is designed keeping in mind that it must show off an ultimate refined and stylish simplicity. The cylinder is made from 925 sterling silver or 18kt. gold. In terms of exclusivity the 18kt. gold Mayford cylinder is made by the preferred supplier of the Dutch Royal House. They are also the same supplier for gold used for faucets and doorknobs in extreme yachts around the world longer than 80 meters. These unique Mayford cylinders make the bracelets elegant and stylish for every occasion. 

Dutch Handcrafted Black Box

At Mayford we don’t stop with the product itself. It is about the whole package. Craftsmanship comes with a specially designed Dutch handmade Black Box. A true eye-catcher that even looks fabulous on the table next to your designer books. 

1% for the Planet

Owning a Mayford is a chance to take care of the world. 1% of Mayfords total sales each year will be donated to approved nonprofit partners.

The power of Mayford is to combine beautiful craftsmanship with style principles that are unique and durable. Something for the true gentleman.