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Do more together than you can alone

At Mayford we believe in taking care of how you look ….AND how the planet looks. In these challenging times for our environment, giving back to the earth has never been more important.

Every day we use all the facets of our planet but climate change is re-defining how we do this.

It is transforming our way of life, our food systems, our economy, and our local communities. No challenge is more critical to overcome in our lifetime than the threat that climate change poses to our planet.

From factory carbon emissions to toxic dumping in our oceans, pollution is harming the environment on a global scale. It threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land that sustains us. Sustaining the planet means not only preventing future pollution but also doing our part in cleaning up the environment.

Mayford takes a stand against destruction and is for preservation of our precious nature. We only work with sustainable suppliers that also care about the world. Just as we do. We want to have a healthy planet for our future generations. Our partnership with 1% FOR THE PLANET will help contribute to effective land management, preservation of water quality and maintaining wildlife diversity on our planet. These are all critical factors in maintaining a healthy plant.  We are doing our part and are donating 1% of our total sales each year to approved nonprofit partners.